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Thursday, March 19th, 2009
3:36 pm
Wednesday, August 20th, 2008
1:16 am
Just saying hello . ..
Good luck with classes starting tomorrow!

I hope everyone that wanted Alabama tickets got 'em. :-p
Tuesday, July 29th, 2008
9:56 pm
By Fred Cunningham
Published: July 29, 2008

Clemson is number one.

No, not in football where I’m sure Tiger fans would settle for at least an ACC Championship at last this coming season.

Clemson is number one when it comes to Happiest Students according to the Princeton Review. The title comes from the simple question: “overall, how happy are you?”

Clemson is also the number one Jock School based on “a combination of survey questions concerning intercollegiate and intramural sports and the popularity of the Greek system” according to Princeton Review.

Princeton Review bases their rankings on interviews with 120,000 students across the country and awards designations for 62 categories ranging from Top Stone-Cold Sober School to Everyone Plays Intramural Sports.

Their rankings are always a subject of great debate, when they put out The Best 368 Colleges Guide.

And the category that gets the most media attention every year is the list of Top Party Schools.

It’s a designation that students adore (your tuition dollars at work, parents!) and the colleges or universities themselves go to great lengths to dispute.

The University of Florida is this year’s big winner, based on “a combination of survey questions concerning the use of alcohol and drugs, hours of study each day, and the popularity of the Greek system.”

Clemson school officials disputed being a party haven when the university was ranked second in 2002.

And you might be surprised that Wofford College ranks second in the country for the Popularity of Fraternities and Sororities.

Here are a few of the other designations as described by the official press release, which you can read by clicking here.

Best Career / Job Placement Services - Northeastern University (Boston)
Best Classroom Experience - Stanford University
Most Conservative Students - Texas A&M University (College Station)
Most Liberal Students - Occidental College (Los Angeles)
Most Politically Active Students - American University (DC)
Top Party School - University of Florida (Gainesville)
Top Stone-Cold Sober School - Brigham Young University
Least Religious Students - Lewis & Clark College (OR)
Race / Class Relations Friendliest - Pitzer College (CA)
Most Diverse Student Body - City University of New York - Baruch College
Gay Community Most Accepted - Emerson College (Boston)
Best Athletic Facilities - University of Maryland at College Park
Everyone Plays Intramural Sports - University of Notre Dame
Great College Town - DePaul University (Chicago)***

***- I’m sorry, but you can’t claim Chicago as a college town. Why can’t Loyola, Northwestern or UIC be among those to claim the same designation? Rush Street is not a college town area.
Saturday, November 24th, 2007
11:36 am

Current Mood: ready to WHOOP @$$
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
1:58 am
Dale Earnhardt Inc. and Clemson enter partnership
Posted: 2007-07-31 18:36:18
CLEMSON, S.C. (AP) - Dale Earnhardt Inc. paired with Clemson University on Tuesday, giving the NASCAR racing team access to student and faculty engineering research, while students receive scholarships and internships.

An agreement was signed by DEI chief executive Teresa Earnhardt and Clemson President James Barker, making the racing group the school's first Motorsports Innovation Partner.

Teresa Earnhardt said the research and higher education partnership has unlimited potential.

"We have the resources of a world-class institution with the capability and commitment to help us develop technical innovations that will continue the winning tradition of Dale Earnhardt Inc.," Earnhardt said in a statement. She said the scholarship will go to motivated, talented students who can continue what her husband, Dale Earnhardt Sr., built.

Barker said the agreement supports Clemson's goal of becoming a leader in automotive and motorsports education. Clemson's International Center for Automotive Research in Greenville offers the nation's only masters and doctorate programs in automative engineering.

The Dale Earnhardt Foundation will award at least $13,000 annually for three years to undergraduate students interested in motorsports and automotive engineering. Recipients also are eligible for internships at DEI.

Clemson chose rising senior and mechanical engineering major William Howard Bostic III of Sissonville, W.Va., as the first recipient. Bostic is interning this summer at DEI's Mooresville, N.C., headquarters, about 160 miles northeast of Clemson.
Monday, April 30th, 2007
9:41 pm
Shot in the dark...
What are my admissions chances?

Out of State
1760 SAT
3.5 GPA
VP Peer Mediators
VP French Club
Treasurer Avid
Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient
Honor Roll
Puppy Raiser for Guide Dogs of America
Varsity Letters in Track , Rowing, and Cross Country

Probably applying as a Chem major.

(Will Retake SAT, SAT IIs and ACT)
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
3:48 pm
Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is having a good semester so far. Hope midterms aren't ruining lives...too much!

I'm going to be studying abroad next spring, and I need to find somewhere to live for next fall semester! I'm asking everyone I know, so I figured this group might be a good place to go, too. I'm exploring all options, including on campus and off campus. If I get an apartment, I'll do what is necessary for finding a replacement for me when spring semester rolls around. Anyway, if anyone on here needs a roommate, or knows anyone who does, I'd greatly appreciate your help!

You can reply to this post or email me at elizabethhunter@gmail.com.

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
2:09 pm
Campus Pix
Hey there, I'm a potential student.
I was wondering if people could post pictures of the Clemson campus, as well as surrounding areas, so I could kind of get a feel of what it's like.
Thanks & Happy New Year!
Thursday, November 23rd, 2006
10:46 am

Current Mood: orange
Friday, November 3rd, 2006
8:42 am
Hello lovely Clemson people! I hope you guys have an AMAZING Fall Break!
Friday, October 13th, 2006
1:47 am
Temple game.
At the time of writing, the score is 56-3.

I'm reminded of Bill Cosby's old Hofstra bit at this moment.

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, September 16th, 2006
11:33 pm


CLEMSON 27 - FSU 20!



Current Mood: jubilant
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
4:10 pm
Language and International Trade
Is anyone in this community a Lanuage and International Trade major or can give me any general opinions on the major?  I'm thinking about concentrating in tourism, but I wanted to know what others thought about it (I'm entering Clemson in the spring, hopefully).  Anything would be helpful.  Thanks!

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
10:16 am
Welcome back!
Hey everybody! Welcome back to CU (or welcome for the first time to incoming freshmen and transfers)! I just wanted to say hey and good luck as classes start! ~ Joy
Thursday, July 20th, 2006
1:26 am
Clemson University statement on Robert Brooks

CLEMSON - Without the foresight and generosity of one of Clemson University's most magnanimous alumni, Robert H. Brooks, thousands of students, faculty, school children and South Carolina residents would not have benefited from many of the school's renowned facilities, programs and academic scholarships and professorships.

Brooks, a graduate of the Class of 1960, died Sunday, July 16, in his Myrtle Beach, S.C., home. Brooks was a long-time supporter of Clemson University. His generosity over the years, supported several university initiatives, including performing arts, motor sports engineering, sports management and athletics.

"Bob Brooks came to Clemson in the late '50s as a young man from rural South Carolina looking for opportunity. He never forgot that Clemson gave him his start," said Clemson University President James F. Barker. "Bob's generous philanthropy in support of academics, athletics and the arts at Clemson has helped define our campus and impacted everyone associated with Clemson."

Brooks Center for the Performing Arts

The university broke ground for the Robert Howell Brooks Center for the Performing Arts in 1991 as the result of Brooks' $2.5 million gift toward the establishment of the cultural and academic facility. The center features three performing spaces, including the Brooks Theatre, a 1000-seat proscenium theatre that showcases more than 75 concerts, shows and special events annually.

"Mr. Brooks' philanthropy fundamentally changed Clemson University's definitions of quality, sophistication, artistic excellence and outreach," said Lillian Harder, director of the Clemson University performing arts center that bears his name. "Not only was he instrumental in building the arts center here at Clemson, he also played a significant role in supporting our programming."

The Boni Belle Brooks Series, established in 2002 in honor of Brooks' daughter, annually features the Brooks Center's premiere visiting artists and attractions. Recent performances on the series included Grammy Award-winning jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, a touring production of "The Will Rogers Follies" and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra with guitarist Sharon Isbin.

"Mr. Brooks' generosity was beyond measure," Harder said. "His gifts to the Brooks Center supported our efforts to enrich the lives of people in the Clemson community, the Upstate and South Carolina. His support of the arts ensured that children and adults had the chance to experience the best in music, theatre, and dance, and his legacy will live on for generations."

Also, the university's performing arts department is housed in the Brooks Center. "This merging of professional and educational programming provides students access to every level of arts participation," said Harder.

Brooks Institute for Sports Science

In the mid-1990s, Brooks pledged another $2.5 million to establish a sports science institute at the university. The gift was in memory of members of his racing team, including his son Mark '91, 1992 NASCAR Champion Alan Kulwicki, and co-workers Dan Duncan and Charlie Campbell, who died in a plane crash on April 1, 1993.

The Brooks Institute for Sports Science at Clemson partners with industry for research, academic programs and student internships. It encompasses sports management, sports marketing, sports communication and motor sports engineering.

The institute is a conduit for research in the thriving sports, recreation and leisure industries. What makes the institute distinctive is its focus on technological, managerial and cultural perspectives, as opposed to the physiological and psychological aspects of athletic performance. The institute has fostered sports-related research, outreach programs and initiatives that include internships for Clemson students at leading sports organizations such as the Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers, Dodge Rockwell's motor sports division and ESPN.

Through the institute, Clemson researchers are developing and testing various grasses for use on golf course and athletic fields. Furthermore, in collaboration with the university's College of Health Education and Human Development, the institute is working to make golf accessible to 49 million Americans with disabilities. The National Forum for Golf Accessibility joins players with disabilities with golf associations, researchers and representatives from golf-related industries.

In the motor sports program, Clemson engineering students and faculty are engaged in highly technical research areas ranging from vehicle chassis software to computational fluid dynamics, thermal engine controls to composite materials capabilities - in other words, from the steering wheel to the tires.

The creation of CU-ICAR has depended on a variety of partnerships, programs and legislative support. But having a proven track record, particularly in motor sports engineering, put Clemson in the driver's seat. And Robert Brooks' vision and generosity helped start the engine.

Advocate for Athletics

A member of the university's athletics booster program IPTAY for 25 years, Brooks was the first one to purchase an executive suite in Memorial Stadium, officials said. He was a major corporate sponsor, donor and supporter of Clemson's athletics program.
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
9:29 pm
Just heard news that Walter Cox died this afternoon. He graduated in 1939 from Clemson, was President of the University and very active within the university.
Many of you may know of him b/c he is sitting in what used to be the phantom lot (I don't recall it's name now) in front of the student center:
Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
12:05 am

At a news conference tonight (6/6), 13th Circuit Solicitor Bob Ariail announced that warrants have been signed for the man believed to have killed Clemson University student Tiffany Marie Souers in the early morning hours of Friday, May 26, in her off-campus apartment in Central, S.C.

Warrants with charges of murder, kidnapping and first-degree criminal sexual conduct have been signed for Jerry Buck Inman, 35, a white male, 5'10," 160 lbs, with numerous tattoos on his neck, back, arms, hands, stomach and chest. He has several vehicles registered to him, including a red and silver 1990 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer with Tennessee license 158DCX and a green 1997 Chevrolet Camaro with Tennessee license SRD739. He also is connected with a maroon 1985 Econoline van with Tennessee license THH062 registered to Kenneth McArthur.

Inman is still at large and considered extremely dangerous.

Ariail called on the public across the nation to help law enforcement find Inman and apprehend him before he can harm anyone else. The solicitor also requested public assistance in determining if Inman has been in the Clemson area in the past 60 to 90 days.

The solicitor said the case against Inman included DNA matches from the crime scene and North Carolina and Florida databases. Inman, whose last known address was in Pigeon Forge, is on Tennessee's sex offender registry.

Ariail attributed the progress in the forensics-driven case to the exhaustive investigation and collaboration of numerous law enforcement agencies in Pickens, Greenville and Anderson counties, as well as South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee and Clemson University.

Regarding calls that came into the hotline, Ariail said, "Everything we got helped us."

Now, the public is urged to call the hotline with any information that could lead to Inman's capture.

"Even the most minor thing would be important to us," Ariail said.

The hotline number is 1-800-442-2746, listen for prompts and press 2
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
2:19 am
Hi there!

My name is Aaron, I'm from Myrtle Beach, and I'm headed to Clemson in the fall. I'm going to double major in Chinese and International Trade and Japanese. I'm kind of excited (read: OH MAH GAWD), since I'm a huge language geek and I'm going to get to study abroad a lot, since apparently I'm going to have to spend about six years there before I graduate. Heh.

Anyway, just saying hello.
Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
11:16 pm
I'd like to take a moment to invite you all to visit the ClemsonWiki, Clemson's own version of Wikipedia. I maintain ClemsonWiki, and we're been going through some heavy expansion lately. We're looking for people both to A. be aware of the site, and hopefully find it an interesting and useful reference, and B. contribute to the site by editing and adding information. Yes, that's right, you can edit it! Come check it out!
Friday, March 24th, 2006
2:22 pm
graduate students?
Are there any Clemson grad students here? I have questions about the English department...or graduate student life at Clemson regardless of field.

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